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Dead-Front vs Live-Front Devices

Novinium News: March 2017

We have a long history of introducing new devices that assist us in improving the efficacy and efficiency of our rejuvenation services. The very first injection elbows were introduced about three decades ago. About one decade ago Novinium introduced Injection Adapters (IAs) that had several key advantages over injection elbows. The IAs were designed specifically to support Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR). SPR is safer and provides substantially higher reliability than the older Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation (UPR) process and is even superior to our “improved” UPR process that we call iUPR. Sustaining pressure and keeping the silane injection fluid away from the injection component are the two main advantages of SPR over UPR and iUPR. Our advancements in injection application devices continues with the Modular Injection Component, or MIC.


Novinium News: January 2017

When you buy something it starts to depreciate. A car will be less reliable next year than it is now. If one of our customers installs a new cable this year, it will be less reliable next year, and even less reliable the following year. We all recognize this phenomenon as the aging process. The black line in the graph below is the post-installation failure rate for new cables installed at a U.S. Southwestern utility between 1969 and 2005.* In general, and as expected, failures increase as the years since installation increase.


Novinium News: December 2016

There were three bricklayers just beginning a new project together. When each was asked individually what they were doing, they gave three very different answers. The first bricklayer gruffly replied that he was laying bricks. The second revealed that he was building a church. The third bricklayer proclaimed he was building the house of God! The first bricklayer had a job; the second bricklayer had a career; the third had a calling.


CO2 v Helium

CO2 v Helium Q: Novinium uses CO2 gases to push their fluids, and not helium. Why is that so? Is there a benefit of one over the other? Does the CO2 contribute to global warming? A: There are safety, environmental, and economic benefits of using CO2. Safety Benefit Effervescence limits the conductivity of fluid effluent…


Methanol Matters

Q: Methanol is both poisonous and explosive. What precautions will be taken by the circuit owner or Novinium if the cable, cable components, or injection equipment were to leak Cablecure 732 fluid and mix with water (i.e. flooded vault scenario)?


Shields Scotty

Shields Scotty Inquiry What impacts do rejuvenation fluids have on the conductor and insulation shields? Response With Star Trek Into Darkness in the theaters it was appropriate to revisit the question of shields. Not the shields that deflect Klingon disrupter blasts, but the conductor and insulation shields used to smooth electrical stress in underground power…