Cable Rejuvenation

Cable rejuvenation is the injection of a silicone fluid into the strands of aging medium-voltage power cable. The fluid migrates into the conductor shield and insulation, modifying the insulation’s chemistry and extending cable life. Your cable returns to its full dielectric strength within as little as seven days.

We combine innovative, patented, cable-injection techniques and advanced rejuvenation fluids to dramatically improve system reliability by extending the useful life of your cables at a fraction of the cost of cable replacement. Only Novinium offers the range of products and services that lower the total cost of reliability and offer a warranty of up to 40 years of post-injection cable performance.

Cable Rejuvenation Processes

Novinium performs superior cable rejuvenation with Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR), where we replace all splices and accessories and inject cable under moderate pressure to return its full dielectric strength in seven days. Improved Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation (iUPR) is preferred in cases where splices are inaccessible.

In addition, Novinium combines both methods in a proven, Hybrid Injection approach. Circuit owners can choose SPR for the majority of their segments to get the benefit of fast dielectric strength return, longer warranty protection, and the new components that SPR offers, and can rely on iUPR for effective cable rejuvenation for segments where the site conditions don’t support splice replacement.

Cablecure Rejuvenation Fluids

Novinium offers a variety of Cablecure brand injection fluids that have been developed and tailored to many specific types of cable and environments.

Cablecure iXL

Formerly known as Novinium’s Perficio 011 formulation.

Cablecure 732

Formerly known as Novinium’s Ultrinium 732 formulation.

Highest Post Injection Reliability in the Industry.

Novinium is the leader in providing the highest cable reliability in the most capital efficient manner. We never rest on our laurels, we are constantly improving our process and our chemistry. Even though our 0.4% post-injection failure rate is unmatchable for even the most demanding applications, we seek to learn from those few failures that we do experience. The lessons we learn allow us to continuously refine our advanced technologies.

The Crow-AMSAA plot shows an overall failure statistic for our collection of sustained pressure rejuvenation (SPR) technologies. The slopes (β) of the dashed and solid lines are both less than 1. A slope less than one indicates a declining rate of failure, a benefit of continuous improvement. In fact the more recent solid line enjoys a more horizontal slope over the dashed line representing our earlier efforts.

No system is 100% reliable. The overall success rate of about 99.6% is better than the post-installation performance of new cable. To learn more about the extraordinary performance of Novinium Technologies see the paper “Silicone Injection: Better with Pressure.”