Cablecure XL

Cablecure XL, the original cable-rejuvenation formulation, is a blended water-reactive silicone fluid specially formulated to extend the life of aged medium and high-voltage solid dielectric power cables. The fluid’s low viscosity allows it to be injected along the conductor strands for long distances and its high diffusivity allows it to rapidly diffuse into the insulation. The chemical reactivity of Cablecure XL allows it to desiccate the water treed regions of the insulation and polymerize inside the voids to prevent future water-tree growth. The blended active desiccant, trimethylmethoxysilane, helps ensure the uniform diffusion of Cablecure XL throughout water-saturated polyethylene (PE, XLPE, TRXLPE) and ethylenepropylene rubber (EPR) insulated cables.

Advantages of Cablecure XL

  • Extends the life of solid-dielectric power cables
  • 99.8% water reactive silicone
  • 5% active desiccant (trimethylmethoxysilane)
  • Manufactured in USA by Dow Corning™
  • Low viscosity
  • High diffusivity
  • UN rated 1A1/Y1.8/200 5 gal. drum
  • 100% batch tested

Safety Data Sheet

Click the link below to download a copy of the SDS.



Novinium provides a 20-year warranty for applications with Cablecure XL fluid.


Cablecure XL fluid is applied using the original UPR rejuvenation process.