Case Studies

Salt River Project, Tempe, AZ, USA: 10+ Years of Renewed Service Reliability for Salt River Project with Novinium Cable Rejuvenation

  • Utility serves more than a million customers in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Rejuvenated 83.3 percent of the cable addressed in projects (vs. replacement)
  • Post-project cable failure rate of less than 1 percent

Intermountain Rural Electric Association, Sedalia, CO, USA: Intermountain REA Saves Millions with Rejuvenation Process, Achieves 99.4 Percent Cable Reliability

  • Utility saved more than $10 million over projected replacement costs
  • 2.5 million feet of cable rejuvenated to date
  • Hybrid iUPR and SPR approach combined to yield a 99.4 percent reliability rate on treated line

Mountain View Electric Association, Falcon, CO, USA: 600 Miles of Aging Cable Restored with Novinium Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation

  • Pilot project saved approximately 40 percent of the cost of replacement of the same line
  • MVEA now injects approximately 70,000 feet of cable a year
  • Mountain View has experienced zero failures in rejuvenated cable

St. Charles Municipal Electric Utility, St. Charles, IL, U.S.A.: Using a Holistic Approach to Improve Aging URD Infrastructure Reliability

  • Created a holistic strategic asset management plan that incorporated both rejuvenation and replacement to improve system reliability.
  • The rehabilitated subdivisions have experienced a 96 percent reduction in failures.
  • St. Charles saved $4.3 million and achieved reliability results comparable to newly installed cable.

Dayton Power & Light, Dayton, OH, USA: Novinium Restores More Than 42,000 Feet of Cable at Dayton International Airport

  • 42,255 feet of cable were successfully rejuvenated
  • Saved $530,161 over estimated replacement costs
  • Entire project completed in two months

London Hydro, London, ON, Canada: URD Cable Injection Results in a Significant Drop in Cable Faults

  • London Hydro realized approximately $13.4 million in capital budget savings
  • Cable failures have declined by 58 percent since Novinium began the injection process
  • London Hydro chose Novinium again in 2013 with an award for a new three-year cable rejuvenation contract

Ergon Energy, Cairns, Queensland, Australia: Ergon Energy Restores Power to 2,400+ Meters of URD with Novinium Cable Injection

  • Cable rejuvenation project restored approximately 10 MVA of network capacity
  • Cable was tested by the University of Queensland and found to be free of partial discharge
  • Major URD line back returned to full operating capacity after project completion

Greenwood Utilities, Greenwood MS, USA: Restoring Reliable Service in Glendale with Novinium Cable Injection

  • Injection stops 5-6 outages per year in Glendale subdivision
  • Vaults untouched since the 1970s were completely rehabilitated
  • Utility plans further cable rejuvenation projects based on results

Matanuska Electric Association, Palmer, AK, USA: MEA Addresses Older Subdivisions with Cable Rejuvenation, Trains Own Team on Process

  • Utility chooses to train own crew and use cable injection year-round
  • Additional maintenance was completed during rejuvenation project
  • Most faults can be rejuvenated during ad hoc repairs with another 30 minutes of work time

Littleton Electric Light, Littleton, MA, USA: Littleton Electric Re-Injects Cable with New Novinium Solutions

  • Cable rejuvenation project completed in one visit
  • 40-year warranty sways decision to re-inject line segment
  • Standard elbows and 3M splices used, saving additional costs

Homer Electric Association, Homer, Alaska, USA: Homer Electric Chooses Novinium to Rejuvenate Miles of Cable

  • Homer Electric serves more than 3,000 square miles
  • Multiple failures halted with cable rejuvenation
  • 11-segment trial run leads to further cable injection projects

Tacoma Power, Tacoma, WA, USA: Tacoma Power Uses Cost-Effective Rejuvenation to Manage 4,800 Feet of Submarine Cable

  • 4,800 feet of submarine cable feeding Ketron Island indicated that the single radial circuit suffered from significant water trees
  • Cost was less than 20 percent of the cost of previous bids, and less than 10 percent of the cost of replacement
  • No faults to date in the Ketron Island rejuvenated underwater power cable

Inland Power, Washington, U.S.A.: Proactive, preventative, and preemptive treatment of multiple targeted circuits

  • Faster and simpler treatment process saves money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Craftwork saves time, manpower and money
  • Sustained Creating a Prioritized Rejuvenation Plan.
  • Training of Customer Crews.
  • Service Flexibility.