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Neutral Corrosion

Muratic acid induced neutral corrosion (Hamtramck)

Significance, Causes & Mitigation

This paper reviews six neutral corrosion issues and provides data to shed some light on the overall significance of the phenomenon.

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IEEE 1617™


IEEE Guide for Detection, Mitigation, and Control of Concentric Neutral Corrosion in Medium-Voltage Underground Cables

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To provide a forum for discussions related to cable neutral corrosion and collect relevant data in order to issue a guide covering control of neutral corrosion.

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Detection and Mitigation Procedures

TDR Diagnosis


NRI #260

This NRI covers the following:

  • How to use Impedance Transition Device (ITD) Streamliners.
  • How to use the time domain reflectometer (TDR) for the 1205CXA Model family.
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RF Locating


NRI #270

This NRI covers the following:

  • How to use the Rigid SR-60/20 Locator and ST-305 5-watt Transmitter.
  • How to locate splices, neutral corrosion, and other anomalies. How to change settings of the Rigid Locator.
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Neutral Corrosion Repair


NRI #810 

This NRI covers the following:

  • How to correct and mitigate neutral corrosion.
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Blog and Articles

Neutral Corrosion on the Novinium Blog

Figure 2

Read the Novinium blog for more information on neutral corrosion. Search “neutral corrosion” in the search bar or use the categories and tags to refine your search.

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Molecular Thermodynamics


Molecular Thermodynamics of Water in Direct-Buried Power Cables

G. J. Bertini, “Molecular thermodynamics of water in direct-buried power cables,” in IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 17-23, Nov.-Dec. 2006.

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"Neutral Corrosion Problem Overstated"

Figure 1

Neutral Corrosion Problem Overstated

Recent study suggests problem may not be as serious as once thought.

Bob Gurniak, Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. | T&D World Magazine | Aug 1, 1996

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