Press Releases


Novinium Announces Neutral Corrosion Webinar

Novinium Hires Dean Stone as Canadian Regional Sales Manager

Novinium & METSCO Energy Solutions Offer Webinar

Novinium Hires Woodmansee for VP of Western Operations

Novinium continues growth plan with appointment of Engman as new CFO

Novinium expands leadership team with Chris Sams as new VP of Marketing & Sales

Novinium Adds Wenzel Wu to Design Engineering Team

Novinium taps Westy Ford for product development

Novinium Announces Webinar


Novinium Announces Upcoming Webinar on Optimizing Cable Asset Management

Novinium Hires Janai Planck as Western Regional Sales Manager

Novinium Selects Dr. Mark Newton as Vice President of Engineering

Novinium Hires Mike LaClair as Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Novinium Rebrands Cable Injection Fluids

Novinium Rejuvenates Critical Dayton International Airport Feeder Cables

Novinium Rejuvenates Enbridge Energy Partners’ Feeder Cables

CableCURE /DMDB Passes California EPA’s Strict Acute Aquatic Toxicity Test

Novinium Launches Knomentous


Novinium Appoints Jan Cannon as Chief Human Resources Officer

Novinium Appoints Wade Pfeiffer as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Novinium Appoints John Reilly as Chief Operating Officer

ComEd and Intren Celebrate 2,000 Miles of Reliable Cable

PPL Rejuvenates Power Lines with Cable Curing Process

Novinium Supports the Boys & Girls Club of the East Valley


Novinium Receives a US Patent for its N-Ter Injection Process

Novinium Improves the Performance & Safety of its Injection Fluids

Salt River Project Exceeds 7 Million Feet of CableCURE Treated Cables

Novinium Announces 14th Patent

Novinium Growth Prompts Relocation


UtilX joins forces with Dow Corning to improve power distribution reliability

Novinium receives thirteenth patent on sustained pressure rejuvenation

Novinium marks “Better than New” reliability milestone

UtilX and NV Energy reach cost savings milestone

Novinium host Masters of Reliability event in Seattle

Novinium receives twelfth patent on rejuvenation fluid technology


UtilX Reaches 4 Million Foot Milestone on ComEd Reliability Program

Two Billion Dollars Saved

Novinium receives eleventh patent on submarine cable injection technology

Port Angeles Selects Novinium for third consecutive year

Novinium announces another change to its Board of Directors

Novinium announces change to its Board of Directors


Novinium receives ninth patent on advanced catalyst technology

Novinium moves to larger headquarters to accommodate rapid growth

Novinium receives seventh patent on its advanced technology

Novinium receives sixth patent on its advanced technology

Novinium receives fifth patent on its advanced technology

Glen Bertini, President and CEO of Novinium selected by the Puget Sound Engineering Council as its Industry Engineer of the Year for 2010

Novinium receives fourth patent on its advanced technology


Carl Peterson named new VP of Sales at Novinium

Novinium receives third patent on its advanced technology

Novinium Process Secures RUS Approval for Capital Treatment

Novinium’s CEO Glen Bertini elevated to the rank of IEEE Fellow


Novinium Process Secures FERC Approval for Capital Treatment

Tom Markl and Allan O’Bryant Join Novinium Board of Directors

Novinium announces 40 additional years of life for all cables

Novinium announces N-ter™ Technology

Novinium announces growth capital backing from Nomura


Novinium receives first patent on its advanced technology

Novinium completes $1.75 million financing round


Novinium wins technical honors from Insulated Conductor Committee

Novinium wins top prize at the ZINO Zillionaire Investment Forum

Novinium establishes warranty trust to pay warranty claims and benefit the IEEE foundation

Novinium has moved to new addresses


Novinium wins Investor Choice Award for the company “Most Likely to go IPO” at the 18th Angel Forum in Vancouver, Canada on October 25, 2005

Novinium to present at the Dow Jones Emerging Ventures Conference October 11-12, 2005

Novinium to present at the Northwest Energy Technology Collaborative Conference in Portland, Oregon on August 23, 2005

Novinium named a “Top 25 Startup” at the Northwest Venture All Stars Awards

Novinium wins Early Stage Investor Forum Investor’s Choice Award for Best Company