Protecting utility and secondary network assets


Manhole Event Prevention System

An estimated 2,000 manhole events occur in the North America each year, or 5.5 per day.1 Manhole events are increasing as utility infrastructure ages, causing significant network damage and costly outages. These events include smoke, fire, and explosions, and attract high political and media scrutiny.

How PreVent™ works:

PreVent is the only manhole event suppression solution that actively reduces incidents and increases public safety with an innovative prevention system.

  • Minimize incident rate of smoking manholes, fires, and explosions
  • Reduce injuries to people and property, and improve public safety

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Active Venting

Vents and removes combustible gases. Prevents gas accumulation and improves overall manhole environment.

Water Control

Limits exposure to water, salt water, and debris to reduce the risk of secondary cable failure, the leading cause of manhole events.

Active Smart Monitoring

Smart cloud-based sensors predict events before they occur and transmit real-time alerts.

Design Features

  • Ventilated cover: crowned surface with water dams and air slots limits water and salt intrusion while maximizing ventilation; flush surface minimizes road noise.
  • Ventilator: reaches down into the manhole to better extract combustible gases
    and is readily removable for unimpeded access to manhole.
  • Customizable design: flexible, lightweight, easy-to-install design options
    fit any size manhole. Cover provides the ability to showcase unique
    branding features. PreVent is easy to retrofit into existing manholes without
    the cost of extra rings.


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1. Black, Cote, et al, “Preventing and Mitigating Manhole Events,” IEEE Insulated Conductors Committee — C34D, July 7, 2015.