Between Orange and Lemon Juice

Between Orange and Lemon Juice The purpose of this post is to explore whether one should be concerned about the patented acid catalyst in Novinium brand Cablecure 732/733 [Ultrinium] and Cablecure iXL [Perficio] fluids. U.S. Patent 7,770,871 (together with its foreign equivalents) demonstrates the tremendous benefits of this leap forward in rejuvenation technology. This advance, patented on…

Neutral Corrosion Progression

Q: Can you please explain the rate of neutral corrosion? Specifically, do neutrals corrode linearly or in some other fashion? Also, an engineer asked me about stray voltage. We were discussing how Novinium will provide a warranty for a cable segment if 50 percent of the neutrals are good. He said, “Okay, but because of the neutral corrosion, I am having stray voltage issues affecting livestock on dairy farms. This can kill livestock. Stray voltage is also showing up sometimes on communications circuits.” How should I respond?