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Methanol Matters

September 19, 2013

Q: Methanol is both poisonous and explosive. What precautions will be taken by the circuit owner or Novinium if the cable, cable components, or injection equipment were to leak Cablecure 732 fluid and mix with water (i.e. flooded vault scenario)?

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Flash Point Matters

October 18, 2012

Q: Why is the flash point of a rejuvenation fluid relevant? The temperature of an electrical arc is 35,000°F. And everything is flammable from the utility standpoint, just as nothing is unbreakable from a lineman’s viewpoint.

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Fluid Flammability

November 2, 2011

Fluid Flammability Q: Our construction centers have posed the following questions: 1. Is the injection fluid flammable after the cable has been treated? If yes, for how …

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