Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy, Queensland, Australia

Facing difficult weather challenges and unusual soil conditions, Novinium® restored a cable line in Queensland, Australia that had been abandoned for five years. Novinium tailored their Cablecure® 732 fluid for warm tropical and desert soils, achieving renewed reliability on the cable.

Matanuska Electric Association (MEA)

MEA, Palmer, AK, U.S.A.

Matanuska Electric Association (MEA) found that even subdivisions with well-laid cable were experiencing increasing faults with the stress of multiple freezes each year, so the utility decided to try cable injection to restore reliable service. Now, the Novinium-trained MEA staff can do the work so efficiently that MEA plans to continue using cable injection year-round.

Failure Causes I

Failure Causes I Q: I wonder if you have any information I could use to help address a concern I have heard in my company. That concern is that a 30 to 40 year old cable may have accumulated degradation due to many types of aging factors. Cable injection may not substantially address these factors…

Using TDR to Identify Neutral Corrosion and Splices

Q: The blog post titled Neutral Corrosion — How Much Is Too Much? includes a waveform from a TDR (time domain reflectometer, often called a radar) that is used to pinpoint bad sections of cable neutral. The TDR is also used to pinpoint splice locations on the cable. How does the TDR determine the neutral corrosion and splices on the cable? And how is the waveform read to tell them apart and to pinpoint their locations?