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March 20-22 — Energy Association of Pennsylvania (EAPA) Electric Operations Committees’ Spring Meetings Event


April 10-14 — Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA) Engineering & Operations Conference & Trade Show, Reno, NV

April 18-21 — Western Energy Institute (WEI) Operations Conference, Newport Beach, CA

April 18-21 — Electrical Networks Systems Conference (ENSC) St. Louis, MO


May 7-10 — Power & Energy Society Insulated Conductors Committee (PES-ICC), San Diego, CA

May 7-10 — American Public Power Association Engineering & Operations Conference (APPA E&O), San Antonio, TX

May 10-12 — Midwest Energy Association (MEA) Electric Operations Technical & Leadership Summit, Springfield, IL

May 21-23 — Rocky Mountain Electrical League (RMEL) Spring Management, Engineering and Operations Conference, Omaha, NE


June 11-14 —  Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC-IEEE), Baltimore, MD

June 16-21 — American Public Power Association (APPA) National Conference, Orlando, FL


July 18-21 — Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) Annual Conference, Ponte Vedra, FL