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Melvin Boedecker, Maintenance Supervisor at Terra Industries

We were very impressed with the Novinium process. Their people were knowledgeable and worked efficiently. They identified problems with our terminations we had not recognized and solved them.
Technology for aging underground infrastructure
About Us
Underground cable rejuvenation goes by several names, including chemical restoration, dielectric enhancement, cable treatment, and silicone injection. Whatever the name, Novinium and its partners deliver the most advanced formulations and methods to extend the reliable life of underground cable. We offer a full spectrum of cable rejuvenation technologies to provide the highest level of circuit system reliability – always with the least capital intensity and the most advantageous life cycle cost.

Nobody has been in the cable rehabilitation business longer.

Two decades in fact. Novinium brings together the industry’s most experienced cable rejuvenation specialists. Over two decades of continuous and successful experience,
together with unrelenting process and technology improvements means that circuit owners enjoy the greatest reliability at the lowest capital cost. Our long history of delivery, expertise (330+ years combined) and dedication to process and technology improvements has allowed progressive utilities to reduce capital expenditures while improving circuit reliability. All of the commercially significant technologies in use around the world were invented by Novinium founders and their Novinium teammates.

Best of all, our customers see immediate, tangible results – capital investments in our technologies have saved over US$1 billion globally, and that number grows every day. Novinium is backed by London-based New Energy & Clean Technology Ventures, a division of leading global investment bank Nomura. Nomura is a world-wide financial services group dedicated to providing a broad range of financial services for individual, institutional, corporate and government clients and has over US$250 billion in assets. The group offers a diverse line of competitive products and value-added financial and advisory solutions through its global headquarters in Tokyo and an international network in 30 countries.
Safer, faster, better
Hundreds of circuit owners around the world have come to rely upon technology invented by our experts. Only from Novinium can circuit owners access the most knowledgeable
rehabilitation team in the world. Providing twice the life and twice the reliability for your cables. Only Novinium offers circuit owners a portfolio of injection fluids and injection processes that can be tailored to their needs.The Novinium processes, advanced fluids, and improved injection access devices are described on this web site. Novinium customers enjoy superb manageability with access to the state-of-the-art web-based database called NITS (Novinium Injection Tracking System). The NITS tool documents each injected segment in detail and provides a wealth of useful information providing a superb quality assurance tool.

Our Guarantee

We feel so confident in our technology that we will give our customers their money back if they do not feel we have met our reliability promises. We provide our customers with concrete assurance that any warranty claims are fulfilled – every service and product that Novinium provides is backed by a 100% reliability guarantee with a warranty length of up to 40 years that is unparalleled in the industry. Novinium leads in providing the circuit owner with assurance that future warranty claims will be backed with real dollars even decades down the road. The warranty assets are held by U.S. Bank, with assets over US$200 billion, in an irrevocable trust for up to 150 years.
We invite you to explore this web site to learn more about our technology, our support, and our team. We provide useful tools including case studies, reprints of technical papers, our easy-to-learn rejuvenation instructions, and eLearning opportunities at www.knovinium.com.
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The Novinium technology described on these pages includes patented and patent pending technologies.