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Our Patent Strategy

Novinium is the proud leader in underground reliability research. Novinium currently has 335 current, historic and pending patents throughout the world. In the US alone we have 77 current patents, historic patents and pending patents. This intellectual property treasure trove keeps us at the forefront of modern research into underground system reliability. This allows us to provide the latest silicone fluid injection technology to provide the maximum extended life for utility underground systems. Our processes, fluids and specially designed terminations allow for the greatest increase in dielectric strength of cables treated with Novinium 732 Fluid. Having the latest patents, with many more pending, allows Novinium to stay ahead of the problems arising in the industry.

Our patents have allowed us to provide services to utilities that have saved them greater than $2 billion in capital expenditures over cable replacement. We are always striving to achieve the next level of system reliability, not resting on our laurels. The Novinium engineering team is tasked with saving the customer time and money to increase their system reliability. Our recent forays into secondary cable failures is just another example of this drive. Secondary cables are approaching the same failure rates as primary cables and the Novinium research and patent strategy is aiming at correcting this situation. We are also driven by our efforts to lower our environmental impact. Cable injection saves valuable resources versus cable replacement and returns the cable to better than new condition.

The products and services we are working on now will lead us to further the reliability of underground systems. Our intellectual property strategy is to research and protect the best future technology to ensure our customers experience the highest levels of reliability at the safest and lowest cost. The shear breadth of our patent portfolio allows us to provide world leading technology to the electrical industry.