Knomentous Customer Login Cable Tracking System


Novinium’s founder and CEO invented the revolutionary technology behind cable rejuvenation more than 30 years ago. To date, Novinium has been awarded 47 U.S. patents.

Novinium’s exclusive intellectual property includes the following published patents, published patent applications, and unpublished applications, including foreign equivalents:

  • Cablecure® 732/733 sustained pressure injection method (US Patents 7,615,247; 8,205,326; and 8,656,586)
  • Cablecure 732/733 formulation optimization injection method (US Patent 7,611,748)
  • Injection Adaptor (US Patents 7,195,504; 7,538,274; and 7,683,260)
  • Perfectium™ single visit, single switch injection (US Patent 7,353,601)
  • Formulation of Cablecure 732/733 & Cablecure iXL components (US Method Patents 7,658,808; 7,700,871; and 8,101,034)
  • Predicting performance of Electrical Power cables (US Patents 7,643,977 and 7,848,912)
  • N-Rex™ submarine cable injection process (US Patent 7,976,747)
  • N-Ter™ injection or Novinium thermally enhanced rejuvenation (US Patent 8,572,842)
  • Reticular Flash Preventer (RFP) provides safer operation of conventional injection elbows (US Patent 8,475,194)
  • On-line time domain reflectometer system (US Patent 8,988,099)
  • Saturation valve assembly for electric cables (US Patent 8,967,178)
  • Cable splice connection assembly (US Patent 8,344,252)
  • Cable termination connection assembly (US Patent 7,959,477)
  • Composition and method for restoring an electrical cable and inhibiting corrosion in the aluminum conductor core (US Patent 7,777,131)
  • Cable connector having fluid reservoir (US Patent 7,723,611)
  • Check valve for charge tank (US Patent 7,704,087)
  • Cable connection assembly (US Patent 7,658,629; 7,621,767; and 7,344,396)
  • Cable and cable connection assembly (US Patent 7,544,105)
  • Cable connectors with internal fluid reservoirs (US Patent 7,331,806)
  • Fluid reservoir for a cable span (US Patent 7,256,350)
  • Method and apparatus for blocking pathways between a power cable and the environment (US Patent 6,929,492)
  • Time domain reflectometer display method (US Patent 6,646,451)
  • Long range electronic guidance system for locating a discrete in-ground boring device (US Patent 6,543,550)
  • Method and apparatus for blocking pathways between a power cable and the environment (US Patent 6,517,366)
  • Flow-through cable (US Patent 6,355,879 and 6,350,947)
  • Method of suppressing supersaturation in underground electrical cables (US Patent 6,162,491)

Copies of the published documents listed above are available from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and associated foreign patent authorities.