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Accelerated Aging of Rejuvenated Cables—Part II

November 1, 2005

Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC)
Subcommittee A
by Glen J. Bertini
November 1, 2005

This paper provides part II of a framework for the prediction of the effective life extension of cables treated with rejuvenating chemicals under accelerated aging conditions. Utilizing the principles of molecular thermodynamics and a cable’s soil regime, soil thermal conductivity, and load profile, it is possible to make accurate estimations of life extension for legacy fluids and methods as well as for methods that tailor the chemistry to the circuit performance requirements. Part II of this two-part paper introduces an improved model which includes and integrates all of the refinements introduced by Part I, plus: all cable layers; not just the insulation, dynamics of fluctuating temperature, molecular thermodynamics of component interactions, and reaction kinetics.

  • Proper method to estimate post-injection performance
  • Extensive data which validates life-expectancy
  • Life extension comparison : 732 & older technology

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