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Advances in Chemical Rejuvenation of Submarine Cables

June 24, 2007

Jicable 2007
Versailles, FR
by Glen Bertini
June 24, 2007

Submarine cables spanning two or more kilometers have proven challenging to apply conventional rejuvenation technology. Novel approaches, which include new installation methods and new materials to extend the life of submarine power cables, are described. Theory, experiments, and field results demonstrate that these new approaches address the shortcomings of the earlier technology. The technology described can be tailored to provide: (1) more rapid short-term reliability, (2) longer rejuvenated cable life, (3) an inherently safer installation, (4) a tailored formulation paradigm which adjusts the chemistry to account for significant operational variables, and (5) a process which can address any length of cable.

  • N-Rex™ submarine injection
  • Radial exclusion of water
  • Poiseuille’s Law application

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