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Manhole Monitoring Solutions: Safer, Smarter for Aging Infrastructures

April 1, 2017

manhole monitoring solutions“Manhole Monitoring Solutions” in Utility Products

April 2017

Across the country, the frequency of manhole events is on the rise. A manhole event occurs when flaws in the aging electrical infrastructure in a manhole vault or adjacent structure interacts with dangerous gases, causing smoke, fire or in the worst cases, an explosion. For utilities, the most responsible approach to forego these disasters is to have a plan in place that proactively monitors each individual manhole vault using scientific equipment and data analysis to deliver alerts and critical, time-saving and life-saving information. Real-time, active manhole monitoring solutions use sensors to detect gases, temperatures, water levels, electrical discharge, movement, light and humidity.

Manhole Monitoring Solutions by Dr. Mark NewtonAn article by Dr. Mark Newton, vice president, engineering on safer and smarter solutions for aging infrastructures was featured in the April 2017 issue of Utility Products.

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