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Better Than New

March 23, 2012

Better Than New


Why would I use rejuvenation, when I can have new cable?

better than new


I suspect that you’re not a circuit owner. Do you work for one of the cable manufacturers? If you were a circuit owner, you would know that money does not grow on trees and rejuvenation is almost always considerably less capital intensive than wholesale replacement. The question would have had more merit had it been asked two decades ago when the first generation of rejuvenation technology was becoming commercially important. The anticipated life of the first generation of fluid in non-demanding applications was and remains about two decades. The generally anticipated life of post 1990-vintage cables is about four decades. The 2X difference in anticipated life complicated the economic analysis of the treat or replace question. Advanced technology from Novinium can provide the same four-decades of service life, so that issue is a relic of the 20th Century.

How about post-injection reliability? In the January 31, 2012 issue of the Las Vegas Regional Journal, it was reported that NV Energy experiences about a 0.6% failure rate when it replaces cable. NV Energy reports that the older injection approach has about the same failure rate over a 12-year period. Utilizing Novinium’s state-of-the-art technology and the outstanding craftsmanship of our service delivery experts, our overall failure rate is less than 0.4%. That’s about 33% better than the failure rate of new cable. Novinium rejuvenation technology is better than new! But, here’s the really cool part, Novinium technology and delivery methodology continues to improve! In the graph nearby I am pointing at the beta value of our Crow-AMSAA analysis of all of the faults we have ever experienced treating millions of feet of cable on three continents. The value is 0.56. A value less than one indicates that the failure rate is decreasing—a one would mean that it is staying the same, and a value greater than one would indicate deteriorating reliability. To learn more about Crow-AMSAA, check out my August 11, 2011 post, “Crow.”

Novinium announced the passing of the “Better than new” milestone today. Click here to read the press release.