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This Week in utlities September 1 2017

This Week In Utilities: Hurricane Harvey

September 1, 2017

Over the past week plus, Hurricane Harvey has devastated coastal Texas, and especially the city of Houston. Until the water goes down, there’s no telling yet just how much is salvageable. For those affected, these are dark days, literally. Among the chaos, utilities and co-ops in Texas are doing all they can to turn the lights back on, and in turn, add back some normalcy in most uncertain times.Here are some of selected pics, snaps and stories from the past week. We hope they serve as steadfast reminders of the resilience, bravery, and selflessness lineman exhibit every day.

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Novinium News July 2017

Novinium News, July 2017: “Partnership Principles”

July 31, 2017

Novinium does business with hundreds of firms. We have over 100 customers and over 40 key suppliers. Occasionally we have fired suppliers. Occasionally we have fired customers. Whether supplier or customer we choose not to do business with these entities because they fail to meet the four requirements to be a Novinium business partner. What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander, so we also demand that we treat each of our business partners (customers and supplier alike) with the same four principles.

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