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August 1, 2012

Hurricane IrmaPublished in BIC Magazine, August 2012 Issue

“According to Novinium, performing medium voltage power cable rejuvenation is crucial to hurricane preparedness. Even in “normal” environments, water begins to permeate cables as they age. Over time, the water within the cable degrades the dielectric strength of the insulation until — at some point — the voltage can no longer be contained, the cable faults and the lights go out. Hurricane conditions put additional stress on weak cables causing outages at a most inconvenient time. Cable rejuvenation strengthens cables, so when the plant starts up, there are no outages on critical circuits. Additionally, cables that go under water have no water intrusion into the cable strands because the cable rejuvenation process seals the cable ends, eliminating the necessity to dry or replace cables. For cables that are not strengthened and sealed before a hurricane hits, performing cable rejuvenation prior to start-up can remove any water (especially saltwater) from the cable. Also, the cable ends are sealed, preventing any future water intrusion during hurricane events.”