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"The crews learned the new technology quickly and Novinium was able to test and analyze the cable promptly. This all contributed to a smooth process."

Kathy McDonough
Distribution Engineering Services Supervisor
Homer Electric Association

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Homer Electric Chooses Novinium to Rejuvenate Miles of Cable

Homer Electric Association (HEA) oversees a large service area with miles of decades-old electric cable in multiple areas. To stem recurring outages, the utility tried out the Novinium cable injection process and now uses cable rejuvenation regularly.

The Company and the Situation:

Homer Electric Association serves 20,214 member-owners in a 3,166-square-mile service area. The utility was experiencing multiple failures on the loop due to recurring problems from aging underground 25 kV cable. During the winter, the cables are essentially inaccessible due to the snow and cold weather. A rapid fix was required as winter approached.

Evaluation Process:

Homer Electric injected Novinium’s Cablecure® 732 rejuvenation fluid in a trial run on two sections of cable in Kenai, Alaska. The project’s success led to the injection of additional cable sections in both Kenai and Anchor Point.

The cable pictured is bent more severely than the manufacture’s specified minimum bending radius as a result of past construction practices. This severe bend imposes mechanical stress, creating a potential failure point. Novinium corrects these kinds of defects when they encounter them, so that the entire system is more robust. Novinium has a holistic perspective focused on a reliable circuit and does not leave old components to fail.
Homer Electric Association
Homer, Alaska, USA
Cable Sizes + Length
15 kV, XLPE: 1/0 (53.4 mm2), 4,477 feet
Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) process with Cablecure® 732 fluid formulated for colder temperatures


The company chose Novinium’s Cablecure 732 rejuvenation fluid formulated for colder temperatures. An 11-segment radial feed was then effectively completed in Kenai with minimal impact to customers during the 7.5-hour injection time.

The crew also completed the injection of nine cable sections in a subdivision in Anchor Point, Alaska. The success of Homer Electric’s trial project led to a good working relationship between Homer Electric and Novinium.


After this positive experience, Homer Electric has included cable injection as an option for further cable rejuvenation on a much wider basis.

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