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"The thing that impressed us the most was the speed with which Novinium got the injection project done. The Novinium team was highly professional. We plan to continue to perform more cable injection work in the years to come."

Rick Campos
Inland Power and Light

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Novinium Quickly Teaches Inland Power and Light Crews to Rejuvenate Multiple Aging Lines

With several projects to complete, Inland Power and Light decided to train crews on the Novinium processes. Cable rejuvenation helped address Inland Power and Light’s most challenging lines and has remained an important part of its asset management plan.


  • Pilot with three challenging locations: a strip mall, a rural subdivision, and a golf course
  • Novinium and Inland Power and Light crews jointly executed project
  • Utility continues to use cable rejuvenation as part of ongoing asset management plan

The Company Size and The Situation

Inland Power and Light, located in the heart of the Northwest, has provided electricity to more than 35,000 commercial, residential, and agricultural customers in eastern Washington and northern Idaho since 1937. The utility is the largest electric cooperative in Washington and the second-largest electric utility in the region. During the 1970’s, Inland experienced record levels of growth. Today, cable installed during that period is starting to fail.

Evaluation Process

The utility decided to rejuvenate #2 cable in three locations: 3-phase around a strip mall, a rural subdivision with rear-lot transformers, and 3-phase through a golf course. The cost of replacement would have been very high because of the downtime and restoration across the golf course and a major road crossing. Another section of a 4/0 3-phase cable run had a steep incline and would have been very difficult for any heavy digging equipment to access.

Inland Power and Light Company
Spokane, WA, USA
Cable Sizes + Length
15 kV, XLPE: #2 and 25 kV, XLPE: 4/0, 24,590 feet
Improved Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation (iUPR) and Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) processes using Cablecure® 732 fluid


Slick Fluid Connection

Three 1-gallon tanks simultaneously feed this deenergized 3-phase circuit with Novinium®Cablecure® 732 fluid. The tanks are connected to the cable ends through plastic tubing and an injection adaptor tool. This system assures swift and efficient injection of any cable size.

Novinium trained several of the utility’s crews to carry out the rejuvenation procedures and then worked with the team to perform the injection work.


Of the #2 cable, Novinium successfully rejuvenated 20,450 feet. In addition, Novinium rejuvenated 4,140 feet of 4/0 cable to complete a total of 24,590 feet.

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