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Besides injection, what do many of the circuit owners who have experienced the Novinium® element have in common? Many scored among the best utilities in J.D. Power’s 2007 Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study. It is no surprise that the very best utilities embrace the very latest in rejuvenation technologies. Learn how the fastest growing community of rejuvenation users applies the latest technological advances in cable life extension technology to solve their reliability challenges. Novinium rehabilitation technology is safer, faster and better. Discover how the best utilities are addressing their rehabilitation needs.

Explore a representative sampling of a few of our customers. Friends of Novinium can access even more case studies by making a request to your Novinium contact.

Case Explore Link
London Hydro, London, ONT, Canada: URD Cable Injection Results in a Significant Drop in Cable Faults
  • Novinium addressed 200,689 meters of underground cable and injected 85% or 174,465 meters.
  • Cable failures have declined by 58% since Novinium began the injection process.
  • $13.4 million in capital budget savings by rejuvenating rather than replacing its underground cable.
St. Charles Municipal Electric Utility, St. Charles, IL, U.S.A.: Strategic Prioritization of Cables
  • Cable Selection Criteria
  • Creating a Prioritized Rejuvenation Plan
Greenwood Utilities, Greenwood MS, U.S.A.: Life extension of 30+ year old cables
  • Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR)
  • Vacuum excavation of splices
  • Vault rehabilitation
Hess Corp., New Jersey, U.S.A.: Old cables require attention
  • Application of rejuvenation in refinery
  • Application of fluid injection in industrial plant
  • Superb Novinium craftsmanship
MEA, Palmer, AK, U.S.A.: Frost thrust causes cable failures
  • Cold weather issues
  • Circuit owner certification in injection procedures
  • Seasonal utilization of work force
Hess Port Reading Refinery, perth Amboy, NJ, U.S.A.: Life extension of 30+-year old, cables
  • Industrial Application
  • Treating EPR
  • Rapid turn-around
Tanner Electric Coop., North Bend, WA, U.S.A.: Life extension of 32-year old, EPR submarine cable
  • Submarine
  • Treating EPR
  • N-Rex radial exclusion
  • Post-injection failure and the Novinium unconditional warranty
  • Testing cables with copper foil shields
  • Copper foil shields in anaerobic marine environment
Southwestern Electrical Power Distribution Utility, U.S.A.: What happens when employees misbehave?
  • Values based safety
  • Drinking & driving
  • Novinium integrity and transparency
  • Lesson Learned
Salmon River Electric Coop, Challis, ID, U.S.A.: Life extension of 15kV #2 cables.
  • Sustained Injection with all splices replaced
  • Training of Customer Crews
  • Service Flexibility
SaskPower, Saskatoon, SK, Canada:Life extension of 15kV #1 URD & 500 kcm Feeder cables
  • Optimized fluid usage
  • Assured quality
SaskPower, Regina, SK, Canada: Life extension of 15kV 500 MCM Feeder cables
  • Conduit/Manhole rejuvenation
  • Sustained Injection with all manhole splices being replaced
  • Economics of treating feeder cables
Large Electric Utility, Southern U.S.A.: Life extension of 35kV 1/0 and 750 kcm cables.
  • Upscale neighborhood with extensive landscaping
  • Minimizing restoration costs
  • Quiet operations
  • No failures after hurricane
United Power, Brighton, CO, U.S.A.: Life extension of 4/0 feeder cable.
  • Feeder cable with numerous splices
  • Locating buried splices with no utility records available
  • Use of Time Domain Reflectometer to locate splices
WIN Energy REMC, Indiana, U.S.A.: Life extension of 750 kcm feeder cable.
  • Water in the strands has reliability implications
  • Severely corroded strands can be reliably swaged to provide high-ampacity connections
  • Installation templates improve craftsmanship
  • Injection adaptors work with standard components
Rocky Mountain Power, Utah, U.S.A.: Side-by-side “taste test” of various injection methods on unreliable No.2 and 1/0 cables.
  • Side-by-side comparison of rejuvenation suppliers
  • Side-by-side comparison of Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) and Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation (UPR)
  • Combination of SRP and UPR provides the optimum solution
  • Single-visit – single switch™ process saves time and money
Littleton Electric Light, Massachusetts, U.S.A.: Re-inject cables, which had been treated with older rejuvenation technology. The cables were beginning to fail 11 years after treatment.
  • Re-injection of previously treated cables
  • N-Ter™ -- Novinium Thermally Enhanced Rejuvenation
  • Single-visit – single switch™ process saves time and money
  • New technology provides extended life
Power Plant, Texas, U.S.A.: Reverse seawater flooding damage from Hurricane Ike
  • Power Plant Application
  • Rapid response to natural disasters
  • Water tight termination seals water out for good
  • Better than new megger performance
ENMAX Power Corporation, Alberta, Canada: Proactive treatment of No.2 15 kV PE insulated URD cables in cold weather
  • Workforce utilization in cold weather environments
  • N-Ter, Novinium Thermally Enhanced Rejuvenation improves injection process
  • Ease of learning creates flexible delivery – Circuit owner, Novinium teamwork
Sulphur Springs Valley, Arizona, U.S.A.: Proactive treatment of No.2 15 kV PE insulated URD cables.
  • Desert injection in thermic soil
  • Component installation templates provide quality installation
  • Productivity of team and technology yields significant cost saving
Terra Industries, Oklahoma, U.S.A.: Proactive treatment of 5 kV EPR insulated 1000 kcm feeder cables.
  • Industrial applications of cable rejuvenation technology
  • Tailored formulation of chemistry to address ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulated cables
  • Problem solving Novinium team
Saskatoon Light & Power, Saskatchewan, Canada: Proactive treatment of feeder cables.
  • The speed of competing injection paradigms
  • Experience considerations
  • Standard components save time and money
Homer Electric, Alaska, U.S.A.: Proactive treatment of unreliable 25kV, 19-strand, 1/0 cable
  • Formulation tailored to cool environment
  • Circuit owner working relationship with Novinium veteran injectors
  • Excessively bent cables
Ergon Energy, Queensland, Australia: Post-failure injection of substation inter-connector
  • Post-failure injection
  • Injecting in very warm isohyperthermic soil
  • Injecting very large 22 kV, 630 mm2 conductor
Salt River Project (SRP), Arizona, U.S.A.: Proactive and preventative rejuvenation of low reliability cables
  • Injecting in warm, hypothermic soil
  • Water trees in the desert
  • Sustained pressure
Tacoma Power, Washington, U.S.A.: Preemptive rejuvenation of Ketron Island submarine cable
  • Preemptive treatment of submarine cable
Metlakatla Electric, Alaska, U.S.A.: Having experienced a failure on one feeder and finding water inside the cable, this circuit owner wanted to prevent failures on other feeders.
  • Bulk water in feeder cable strands
  • Copper strand corrosion
  • Leaky live-front terminations Leak-proof Novinium injection adaptors.
Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado, U.S.A.: Proactive and Preventative treatment of 7-strand and 19-strand 15kV cable
  • Circuit owner crews can be easily taught to complete simple injection process to save money
  • Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR or Radar), an impedance streamliner (IS), and a Radio Frequency (RF) locator allow splices and neutral corrosion to be pinpointed
Public Service New Mexico, U.S.A.: Problematic cables rejuvenated in Albuquerque
  • Cold weather injection
  • System approach to injection – reliability assured with Novinium Certified™ components
  • Safer injection paradigm
CPS Energy, Texas, U.S.A,: Preventative treatment of 35kV cables with large interface elbows Proactive treatment after application of on-line diagnostic testing
  • Injecting in warm, hypothermic soil
  • An engineering and implementation failure and how Novinium responded
City of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada: Proactive treatment after application of on-line diagnostic testing
  • Tailored Delivery™ for modest reliability budgets
  • Cold weather injection
Inland Power, Washington, U.S.A.: Proactive, preventative, and preemptive treatment of multiple targeted circuits
  • Faster and simpler treatment process saves money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recycle cable in situ
EPCOR, Alberta, Canada: Proactive treatment of 15kV cable with splices
  • Effect of strand compaction on injection rate.
  • Costly replacement is avoided with improved injection paradigm. A greater percentage of target cables are injected.
  • 4-fold reduction in site visits save time and money.
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