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Choosing the Best Underground Cable Rehabilitation Option

February 18, 2006

TechAdvantage 2006 Conference and Expo (sponsored by NRECA)
Orlando, FL
by Glen J. Bertini and Gary A. Vincent
February 18, 2006

Abstract: Over twenty years have elapsed since the field introduction of the first solid dielectric enhancement technology. During those years, this technology has proven itself as an important tool to enhance the reliability of aging infrastructure. Incremental improvements during those twenty years have aided in the widespread commercial acceptance of the technology on at least four continents. For the majority of these two decades there was a single supplier of injection technology. Beginning in 2006 novel injection approaches, which include new installation methods and new materials to extend the life of power cables, have become available. This paper provides a comparison of the merits of the available technologies. Comparisons are made in the broad categories of safety, short-term and long-term post-injection reliability, and end-user value.

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