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Novinium® recommends Cablecure® 732 fluid for the highest performance and value. The Cablecure 732 40-year warranty is available only with Cablecure 732 fluid. Less demanding applications, where only 20-25 years of life extension are required for proactive or preventive life extension in lightly loaded cables in cool soils, may utilize Cablecure iXL fluid. Cablecure iXL fluid is an improved version of first generation rejuvenation technology, which had been widely applied prior to the introduction of Cablecure 732 fluid. Novinium provides a lesser warranty for these non-demanding applications.

Many circuit owners prefer a standard one-year workmanship warranty in lieu of a of a Novinium extended warranty. Check with your Novinium sales professional to learn how much you can save. We can tailor a warranty to your preferences.

Filing a Warranty Claim

Novinium customers may file a warranty claim within their Knomentous account. The digital warranty claim form is found as a tab on each cable segment record.

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Previous UtilX customers may file a warranty claim by mailing in the forms below, accompanied by the segment tag, or a 2-sided photocopy of the segment tag.

Download the UtilX Proactive Injection Warranty Claim Form

Download the UtilX Reactive Injection Warranty Claim Form


Please return this form and any samples to:

Attn: Warranty Dept

Utilx Corporation

22820 Russell Rd

Kent, WA 98032