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CUEE Exhibitors Speak

December 1, 2014

Electricity Today, November/December, 2014 Issue

We thank CUEE, the delegates, attendees, exhibitors, staff, and representatives for a great show.

Aging underground residential distribution (URD) infrastructure continues to be one of the top challenges currently faced by circuit owners and Novinium is here to help.

Novinium combines innovative, patented, cable-injection techniques and advanced, second-generation rejuvenation fluids to dramatically improve system reliability by extending the useful life of a utility’s URD cables up to 40 years – at a fraction of the cost of replacing cables.

Visitors to our booth were impressed by the fact that only Novinium offers the range of solutions that lower the total cost of reliability and guarantee up to 40 years of post-injection cable performance.

Most delegates wanted to discuss how cable rejuvenation is performed with our patented Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR). Our SPR injection method replaces all splices and accessories and the cable is injected under moderate pressure to return the cable to its full dielectric strength in as soon as seven days. Even in cases where splices are inaccessible, Novinium offers the Improved Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation (iUPR) injection process.

The Tailored Injection approach allows utilities to choose to employ both iUPR and SPR injection methods to maximize the number of segments injected, avoid digging difficult splices, and seal cable ends so fluid does not fill elbows and splice bodies. Only Novinium offers Tailored Injection, which delivers the best cable reliability to the maximum number of segments and matches the rejuvenation approach to the circuit owner’s budget, performance, and project requirements.

Thank you again for meeting with the Novinium team. Novinium has served many customers throughout Canada and our dedicated team is always available to discuss future projects and assist on job sites. We look forward to returning in 2016 for another exciting CUEE show.