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Novinium Establishes Environmental Stewardship Award

September 12, 2017


Novinium Establishes Environmental Stewardship Award

Environmental Stewardship Award

Kent, WA  – September 12, 2017- Novinium, provider of electrical cable rejuvenation for power utilities, is pleased to announce the creation of a new, environmental stewardship award to honor the environmental commitment of electrical utilities that choose rehabilitation over replacement of their aging, underground power networks.  Electrical cable rejuvenation allows existing electrical cable to be recycled in place, eliminating the waste created by otherwise abandoning and replacing failing electrical cable.  In fact, every mile of underground cable that is rejuvenated using Novinium Cablecure mitigates the equivalent of 300 metric tons of CO2. “Rejuvenating cable instead of replacing cable is less impactful to landscapes and habitats,” says Glen Bertini, CEO and President of Novinium.  “Minimizing the number of cables abandoned in the ground is good for business and good for the environment.”   Cable rejuvenation saves valuable resources — not only the copper, aluminum, and polyethylene used to make the cable itself, but the diesel fuel used to transport it.

Novinium will present this award to the top 10 utilities using cable rejuvenation, based on the number of feet injected by each utility in a calendar year.  “This new award helps boost our industry’s reputation and is a tangible recognition of a utility’s commitment to environmentally responsible solutions,” notes Jon Engman, CFO of Novinium.

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For more information contact:    Kim Chau, Novinium, +1 253.395.4537,

About Novinium:  Novinium is the only full-service power cable expert that partners with utility companies of all sizes to keep their networks operating at peak performance, using the most advanced, capital-efficient, environmentally friendly methods available. Novinium’s founder and CEO invented the revolutionary technology behind underground cable rejuvenation 30+ years ago, and the company continues to champion ways to keep power flowing to those who depend on it.