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March 16, 2012



I heard that there is a rejuvenation technology competitor in Europe. Pray tell?


There is only one firm in the world that can provide advanced Novinium technology. Today there are a total of twelve U.S. patents and their foreign equivalents. An up-to-date list of those patents is available at …

If you want the safest and most reliable technology in the world, Novinium and our partners are the only source. Our friends down the road at UTILX Corporation offered technology invented by Novinium founders about two decades ago. Our founders are proud of their achievements, and I’ve written extensively that the performance of that old approach is quite good for non-demanding applications. Check with your risk management folks before you use that approach, however, because Novinium technology is much safer. Heaven forbid that you find yourself justifying your choice of a less safe choice to a jury. For a thorough discussion of the risks with all of the commercially significant injection approaches, check out my June 9th, 2010 post, “Biggest Risk is Electrical.” Within that post is a link to a comprehensive risk analysis titled …

Rejuvenation Hazards Analysis

There is a firm in Germany that offers silicone injection of power cables. Their website is at …

Next, click on “Kabelsanierung,” which is German for cable rehabilitation. The firm is run by Professor Rudolf Wimmershoff formally at the Technical University of Regensburg. To my knowledge, Professor Wimmershoff’s rejuvenation approach has not been used too far from Bavaria. I cannot recommend the good Professor’s approach. He utilizes a common siloxane oligomer, which is generally used to waterproof masonry and such. The oligomer cross-links to a thick fluid resin after injection. The problem with this chemistry is that cross-linked polymers in the strand interstices can do nothing to improve the insulation’s dielectric properties, because they are way too big to diffuse into the insulation. To my knowledge there have never been any papers written to describe the post-injection performance of the good Professor’s approach. The firm’s primary businesses are transformer diagnostics and cable diagnostics.