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Experience Counts

April 15, 2010


I know you are experienced, but what about the experience of Novinium? Wasn’t Novinium started in 2003?


“Experience resides within individuals, not within institutions.”

If the 2009-2010 coaching staff and players of the Super Bowl winning New Orleans Saints were to move to St. Louis, it would be St. Louis that would have the experience, not New Orleans. When Novinium was founded in 2003 the founders were the Rejuvenation Super Bowl folks. Glen Bertini has been in the rejuvenation business longer than anyone in the world—period. He has more rejuvenation patents than anyone in the world—period. He has published more peer reviewed technical papers on the subject than anyone in the world—period. Another founder passed on in late 2009, his name is Gary Vincent and he is the original inventor of modern injection fluids. All of the commercially significant technologies used throughout the world were invented by Novinium Founders. In fact, collectively the Novinium team has over 200 years of experience at Dow Corning (where the technology was originally conceived), at UTILX, and at Novinium.

When someone claims their institution has years of experience, have them fill out this list for you and compare it to that of Novinium:

Position Novinium Brand-X
Chief Executive 23
Chief Scientist/Engineer 23
Injection Team Manager 10-18

P.S.  If the Saints moved to St. Louis would they be called the Saint Louis Saints? Or would that be redundant?