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Exploding manhole covers? Local firm offers a solution

June 2, 2016

Exploding manhole covers? Local firm offers a solution

“Another useful invention from the Seattle area: Kent-based Novinium is marketing a device it says can prevent explosions in electric manholes, a growing problem with the nation’s aging infrastructure.”

By Charles Clark
Seattle Times business reporter
The Seattle Times, June 2, 2016

A burst of smoke and flame that sends a 250-pound metal manhole cover soaring into the air — this is what the underground utility industry calls a“manhole event.”

They are increasingly common in cities with aging utility infrastructures. Smoke, fire and sometimes outright explosions occur an estimated 2,000 times a year in North American manholes leading to electrical conduits or utilities.

Fortunately, the region that invented the automatic external defibrillator and the commercial jetliner has a solution for this, too.

Kent-based Novinium, which specializes in underground cable rehabilitation, has developed the PreVent Manhole Event Prevention System, a permanently installed device that pulls gases from the manhole to avoid a buildup of explosive chemicals.

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