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Hess Corp. Uses Cable Rejuvenation to Increase Reliability

May 20, 2011

BIC Magazine, May 2011 Issue

Cable rejuvenation has been the fountain of youth for cables at electric utilities for more than 20 years. Rejuvenation was carried out mostly in residential subdivisions until recent improvements in injection fluids brought this process to chemical, industrial and power plants. Using cable rejuvenation, plants can extend the life of their medium voltage power cables 40 additional years for only one-third the cost of replacement.

Cable rejuvenation has gone by many names, including chemical restoration, dielectric enhancement, cable treatment and silicone injection. But no matter the name, Novinium delivers the most advanced formulations and methods to extend the reliable life of medium voltage cable. Novinium personnel have a 20-year history of providing process and technology improvements, reliability, low capital cost, expertise and dedication in cable rejuvenation. With more than 270 years of combined experience, Novinium customers see immediate results. Without cable rejuvenation, plants must either replace aging cables with new cable, or face cable failure and plant downtime. Replacement takes three times as long, and costs two to five times more than rejuvenation.

The cost of failure in a plant is considerably greater than replacement. Typical industrial plants have power cable that runs that are from 30 to 750 meters long.
Cable paths are not straight, cable trays may not be accessible and many times new buildings have been constructed over the original path of cable. When contemplating the costs of cable failure in terms of downtime, repair cost, lost production value and environmental damage, it is clear why fast, easy, environmentally friendly, low-cost cable rejuvenation is becoming a technology relied upon by more and more plants.

Novinium uses Cablecure 732 fluid, which is the revolutionary fluid technology of choice for the most demanding applications. The silane chemicals are custom
designed for the rejuvenation application, are not flammable and contain no known carcinogens or reproductive toxins. In addition, Novinium’s patented method for delivering cable rejuvenation fluids, Tailored Injection™, assures the correct fluid formulation and the optimum amount of cable rejuvenation fluid is available to provide the desired life extension. In 2010, Hess Corp. learned of Novinium’s cable rejuvenation services. Impressed by the company’s technical presentation, Hess brought Novinium on board to inject cables in the plant.

“The Novinium team was very professional and the craft work was excellent. The project stayed on schedule and at the budgeted price,” said G. R. Patel, application electrical engineer at Hess. “Novinium’s very skilled craftsmen make it an excellent choice. “The Novinium team was punctual and, in addition, they explained honestly what was possible for them to achieve with their services.”

Hess intends to use Novinium for cable rejuvenation again on future turnarounds. “I was very impressed with the medium voltage cable termination method and the injection couplings. Novinium was very methodical and provided quality A+ craftsmanship,” said Patel. “We want more reliability out of our cables and Novinium’s services are a great way to improve them.”

Patel recommends Novinium and cable rejuvenation. “So many people don’t know about this technology, but they should really take the initiative and go for it,” said Patel. “Get Novinium the scope of work and they’ll be honest with you and get it done on schedule.”

Because many are still unaware of the benefits of cable rejuvenation, Novinium offers a blog answering technical questions and further explaining the process of its cable rejuvenation services. Visit for detailed technical discussions of the injection process and its benefits.