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History & Status of Silicone Injection Technology

August 2, 2012

Doble 2012 Cables Seminar Lake Buena Vista, FL by Glen J. Bertini and Richard K. Brinton August 2, 2012 Over twenty-five years have elapsed since the commercial introduction of the first solid dielectric enhancement technology. During those years, silane injection technology has proven itself as an important tool to enhance the reliability of aging infrastructure. Incremental improvements during those two-and-a-half decades have aided in the widespread commercial acceptance of the technology on four continents. This paper traces the evolution of dielectric enhancement technology, compares the merits of the available technologies, and provides a comprehensive bibliography. The merit comparisons are made in the broad categories of safety, short-term and long-term post-injection reliability, and end-user value. For available rejuvenation technologies…

  • Compare safety aspects
  • Compare short-term reliability
  • Compare long-term reliability
  • Value including warranty provisions

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