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How To Inject Cables

June 18, 2010

Q: How does Novinium actually inject cables?  What are the steps?  What are the differences between the Novinium injection process and the older process?

A: There is more than one way to fillet a fish and there is more than one way to inject cables. At least there is more than one way that Novinium injects cables. Novinium has patented technologies that make us the only rejuvenation supplier that has more than a single injection method for URD cables. No one-size-fits-all mentality here. We use an improved version of the over-two-decade old unsustained rejuvenation method, let’s call it “improved-UPR,” and we use the newest approach called Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation or “SPR”. In all Novinium injection methods there are no soak periods. Eliminating the soak period makes the process safer, faster, and better. I created three knonow (pronounced know-now) videos for you to show you how these two processes are implemented. Why three videos for two processes you might ask? An exciting capability was spawned by the advent of SPR. Inject-on-fault or post-failure injection is now practical. The FERC recognizes that application of Novinium technology is a capital item for post-failure injection. Post-failure injection has a slightly different flavor than when it is applied proactively and preventatively and hence there are two “How-to” knonow modules for SPR. Check out all three.

iUPR: Improved Unsustained Pressure Rejuvenation applied proactively and preventatively.
SPR: Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation applied proactively and preventatively.
SPR: Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation applied post-failure.


Now you might wonder how you should decide between the two injection paradigms. Actually you don’t have to, because the best choice is to use them both in a fully integrated test, treat, and replace program available only from Novinium and Novinium partners. I am working on a knonow module which will help you optimize a tailored solution to your infrastructure reliability needs. This knonow module will be available within the next 30 days. I will make a new blog entry to announce its arrival. In the mean time, contact me and I will lead you through the decision process.

As for the differences, they are many, and they are profound. First the old method was invented by Novinium founders and their colleagues over two decades ago—the old method is good, but technology has moved on. There are better and best solutions available exclusively from Novinium. These better and best approaches enjoy substantial safety benefits. See my recent blog entry at …

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The most significant differences are the elimination of the soak period, the reduced number of exposures to high voltage electrical equipment, the elimination of flammable fluids, and the improved post-injection reliability of the newest chemical advancements.