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Improving Post-Treatment Reliability: Eliminating Fluid-Component Compatibility Issues

November 1, 2005

Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC)
Discussion Group C26D
by Glen J. Bertini
November 1, 2005

For the past two decades fluid injection technology has almost always put the treatment fluid in direct contact with rubber termination and splice components. The incompatibility of the treatment fluids with silicone rubber components has been well known for most of this time. This paper discusses two other compatibility issues which affect the post-treatment performance of rejuvenation when fluid comes in direct contact with EPDM and EPR components. A robust solution which eliminates the issues and improves post-treatment reliability is introduced.

  • Fluid incompatibility with rubber components
  • Fluid loss when injecting through rubber components
  • An improved injection paradigm eliminates the issue

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