Knomentous Customer Login Cable Tracking System

Juggling old cables, new injection techniques and ongoing reliability expectations

November 30, 2015

Intelligent Utility, November 30, 2015

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“The City of St. Charles is a suburb about 40 miles west of Chicago. According to the City, the St. Charles Municipal Electric Utility began in 1892 when the city council unanimously approved a payment to Phillip Harvey of $520 for preliminary work on a lighting plant that would establish a city electric utility with capacity to power 1,500 incandescent lights.

Since then, the city utility has grown to over 120 MW of peak power use with six substations serving over 15,000 customers. For this installment of our Utility2Utility interview series, we sat down with Thomas Bruhl, electric services manager for the City of St. Charles, to ask about that old friend and sometimes pesky foe of electricity distribution: cable.”

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