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Middle East Query – 22 Questions

April 21, 2011

Middle East Query—22 Questions

middle eastQ:

Even though our climate is dry,
And oil production is what I do,
It’s true our cables often fry,
May I inquire twenty-two?

Inquiry Answer
1. What kinds, types, and sizes of power cables can be injected? Treatable Cables
2. What kinds, types, and sizes of power cables cannot be injected?
3. How old is cable injection technology? History of Cable Rejuvenation
4. How much time does it take to inject a certain length of cable?  What is the maximum cable length that can be injected? Rejuvenation Time
5. How much time does it take to locate splices? Who will identify the splices? Is it the contractor or the customer?
6. Does the injection apply only at utilities or at industrial plants too? Utility & Industrial Applications
7. Does Novinium have proof of success available (references)? Novinium References
8. How do you rejoin cable ends after an old splice is removed? Splice Replacement
9. Will the injection affect the semicon around the conductor since the fluid will penetrate through it? Rejuvenation Impact on Conductor Shield
10. Can injection be carried out twice on the same cable after 10-20 years of the first injection? Reinjection? Re-rejuvenation?
11. How many years will the curing extend the life of the cable? Life Extension Expectation
12. What is the expected cost of curing compared to cable replacement? Rejuvenation Saves Capital
13. Can the customer test the cable right after injection? Could it be done immediately? If not, after how many days, weeks or months?
14. Does Novinium have any available research papers or studies?  Does Novinium have IEEE articles? Novinium Research Papers
15. Does Novinium have any type/kind of certification? Certification & Standards
16. What if my cable strands have water block design elements? Water-Block and Rejuvenation
17. Does injection have any impact on cable ampacity? Ampacity Impacts
18. If a cable were to fail after injection, can the customer use ordinary splices? Or should he use the “Novinium” specified splice? Can we use the traditional splices and terminations if a fault took place after treatment? In other words, do we have to use your splices and terminations on any treated cable all the time or that is only during treatments? Novinium Splices & Terminations
19. Do the existing cable terminations need to be replaced? Will this introduce new splices?
20. Are your splices and terminations available in the market or it is unique to Novinium?
21. If we have to use your splices and termination all the time, do we need special training for our technicians and if yeas can provide such training and how much is cost?
22. Did you type test your splices and terminations and are they certified to be used in such applications?


Hal beemkanek mosa’adati? [Editor:  هلبإمكانكمساعدتي؟/Can you help me?]


I have visited your beautiful country. I snapped the photo nearby of your lovely red sand dunes as I drove from Riyhad to Al Khobar. Twenty-two questions is too many to deal with in a single post, so I will batch the questions and answers into a series of posts. Links will appear in the table nearby as those posts become available.

For now, Ma’a salama (معالسلامة/Good bye)