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Middle East Query – Certification & Standards

May 13, 2011

Dweller of the Desert asked 22 questions in his post …

Middle East Query – 22 Questions.

In this installment I address question 15.

15. Does Novinium have any type/kind of certification?

Novinium is a leader in creating a rejuvenation industry specification. I wrote about our effort in my 2010, December 16 post:

Draft Guide for Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation of Extruded Dielectric Cable Rated 2.5 kV through 46 kV

Novinium also provides detailed Novinium Rejuvenation Instructions (NRI) … and accessory templates.

These detailed instructions and templates must be followed on each injection project to insure that the work is carried out correctly. This is how Novinium insures work quality.  Novinium also certifies each injection technician before allowing them to work alone.

Finally Novinium’s patented (U.S. Patents 7,195,504, 7,538,274 and 7,683,260) Injection Adaptors (IAs) have been tested to ANSI C119.4. See “NEETRAC ANSI C119.4 tests of Novinium Injection Adaptor.”

For now, Ma’a salama (معالسلامة/Good bye)