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Middle East Query – Novinium References

May 3, 2011

Dweller of the Desert asked 22 questions in his post …

Middle East Query – 22 Questions.

In this installment I address question 7.

7.   Does Novinium have proof of success available (references)?

The institution of Novinium has worked for over 75 different utilities and industrial customers around the world. That’s pretty impressive, but institutions don’t have experience—the people within those institutions have experience. The masters of technology and the master craftsmen, who are the people of Novinium, have experience at hundreds of utilities and industrial sites on every continent except Antarctica. When we work in January in northern Alberta Canada, it just looks like Antarctica! Ask your sales professional for a sampling of where the Novinium team has worked. Also check out dozens of case studies. Want more? We publish our overall failure statistics. I provide those results nearby in a Crow-AMSAA graph. The Crow-AMSAA plot shows an overall failure statistic for our collection of technologies. The slope (β) of the line is less than 1, which indicates a declining rate of failure—a benefit of continuous improvement. The overall success rate of about 99.1% is as good as it gets.

How about truly independent testing? Novinium is the only rejuvenation supplier in the world that would participate in a NEETRAC side-by-side rejuvenation test. The other guys declined to participate citing “business and commercial reasons.” I am not entirely sure what that means, but one possible translation: “We don’t want a direct performance comparison of 20-year-old technology against Novinium’s state-of-the-art patented technology.” What do you think?

For now, Ma’a salama (معالسلامة/Good bye)