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Middle East Query – Novinium Research Papers

May 12, 2011

Dweller of the Desert asked 22 questions in his post …

Middle East Query – 22 Questions

In this installment I address question 14.

14. Does Novinium have any available research papers or studies? Does Novinium have IEEE articles?

Novinium has numerous published papers on its website Technical Papers section. Use the search button on the Novinium website header to do key-word searches. The searches will include published articles, case studies, and other web content. The world’s foremost rejuvenation experts are part of the Novinium team and they regularly publish papers in IEEE publications, at IEEE/PES/ICC, CIGRÉ, Jicable, and other conferences. These papers and presentations are included in the Novinium Resources. And there is more. Novinium houses the most comprehensive library on cable rejuvenation research spanning over two decades. The library includes even hard-to-find documents. Every reference in every published paper is available to friends of Novinium. Just email your reference request to me at

For now, Ma’a salama (معالسلامة/Good bye)