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Middle East Query – Reinjection? Re-rejuvenation?

May 6, 2011

Dweller of the Desert asked 22 questions in his post …

Middle East Query – 22 Questions.

In this installment I address question 10.

1. Can injection be carried out twice on the same cable after 10-20 years of the first injection?

When Novinium® Cablecure 732 [Ultrinium®] brand fluid is used there is no need to reinject after 10-20 years. Even in the most demanding conditions, including the hyperthermic soils of the Saudi Arabian desert, Cablecure 732 fluid will extend life for four decades or more. Cablecure 732 technology enjoys a patented Novinium innovation (U.S. Patent 7,611,748), which involves the tailoring of the fluid formulation to the specific and unique requirements of the each circuit. Older generations of injection technology such as Cablecure iXL [Perficio®] fluid, which cannot be tailored to demanding hyperthermic conditions, would need to be replenished after a decade or so. Novinium has successfully re-injected cables after 10-15 years that were previously injected with Cablecure XL fluid. Novinium developed the patent pending N-Ter™ process to facilitate the re-injection of cables. Check out a case study at Littleton Electric Light in Massachusetts, U.S.A. The procedures for N-Ter injection are available online at N-Ter™ Technology. In short, the conductor is warmed with a low voltage current source. The warmer conductor reduces the viscosity of the old fluid remaining in the strands and expands the conductor strands creating more interstitial space. Innovation makes all things possible—safer, faster, better.