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Middle East Query – Utility & Industrial Applications

April 29, 2011

Dweller of the Desert asked 22 questions in his post …

Middle East Query – 22 Questions.

In this installment I address question 6.

6.   Does injection apply only at utilities or can it be applied at industrial plants too?

Novinium injects medium voltage cables for utility distribution systems, utility power plants (non-nuclear and nuclear), and many industrial customers.  Check out just a few industrial applications in the collage below.  For even more pictures and more applications check out our happy faces injecting cables all over the world and at many different venues on the Novinium Facebook page.  As revealed in my post to your question 1, at Middle East Query – Treatable Cables there are a wide range of cable types and sizes that can be addressed with a tailored solution™ from Novinium.

For now, Ma’a salama (معالسلامة/Good bye)

We provide high reliability in the most demanding industrial applications. Here are just a few.