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NEETRAC ANSI C119.4 Tests of Novinium Injection Adapter

August 15, 2006

NEETRACĀ ANSI C119.4 Tests of Novinium Injection Adapter
Novinium Connector / Adapter EvaluationĀ Final Report
Project Number: 06-009
August 15, 2006

Novinium requested that NEETRAC evaluate the performance of two sizes of adapter barrels designed to facilitate the injection of underground cables with restoration fluid. The goal of the test program was to establish the current loading and mechanical performance characteristics of various length elbow connectors installed on Novinium adapter barrels installed with a special crimping tool as compared to standard elbow connectors installed with a standard crimping tool. The tests were conducted on cables with 1/0 AWG and 1,000 kcmil aluminum conductor sizes.

  • Improved connector performance
  • Advanced injection adapters

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