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Neutral Corrosion Resources

August 30, 2017

Neutral CorrosionWebinars

White Papers, Standards, and Guides

Detection and Mitigation Procedures

  • Novinium Rejuvenation Instructions (NRI) 260: TDR Diagnosis
    • This NRI covers the following: How to use Impedance Transition Device (ITD) Streamliners. How to use the time domain reflectometer (TDR) for the 1205CXA Model family.
  • Novinium Rejuvenation Instructions (NRI) 270: RF Locating
    • This NRI covers: How to use the Rigid SR-60/20 Locator and ST-305 5-watt Transmitter. How to locate splices, neutral corrosion, and other anomalies. How to change settings of the Rigid Locator.
  • Novinium Rejuvenation Instructions (NRI) 810: Neutral Corrosion Repair
    • This NRI covers: How to correct and mitigate neutral corrosion.

Blog and Articles

  • Blog: Neutral Corrosion
    • Read the Novinium blog for more information on neutral corrosion. Search “neutral corrosion” in the search bar or use the categories to refine your search.
  • Technical Paper: Molecular Thermodynamics of Water in Direct-Buried Power Cables
    • G. J. Bertini, “Molecular thermodynamics of water in direct-buried power cables,” in IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 17-23, Nov.-Dec. 2006.
  • Article: Neutral Corrosion Problem Overstated 
    • Recent study suggests problem may not be as serious as once thought. Bob Gurniak, Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. | T&D World Magazine | Aug 1, 1996