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Novinium announces N-ter™ Technology

April 4, 2008

Novinium announces N-ter™ Technology

Seattle, April 4, 2008 – Novinium, Inc., the global leader in cable life extension technology for the utility market, announced the introduction of N-ter™ Technology to speed up the cable rejuvenation process on 7-strand and compact stranded cables. The process also increase the amount of injection fluid that is put into the cable, thus increasing the life extension from the rejuvenation process and lowers the cable-to-cable variability improving the consistency of rejuvenation.

The N-ter process, an acronym for Novinium-Thermally Enhanced Rejuvenation, applies low voltage, direct current to warm the cable conductor. By heating the conductor to about 45°C, the conductor strands expand slightly creating more space between the strands to hold fluid. This method also speeds up the injection process by lowering the viscosity of the injection fluid, thus making it easier to flow along the cable length. When fluid passes through the cable more quickly, the injection time is shortened. This is especially helpful on longer runs of 7-strand cable and also on cables with compact strands. In field trials of this new technology, Novinium has been able to inject approximately 30% more fluid into cables with very small interstitial space. We have also seen a decrease of up to 50% in the time required to inject these same cables.

Novinium is currently automating this process and deploying this technology to all current cable rejuvenation projects that benefit from its use.

About Novinium
Novinium provides cable rejuvenation services and products to electric utilities and other circuit owners in the United States and around the world. Its primary products are novel fluids, methods, and tools to inject stranded underground cable. The injection process rejuvenates and extends the reliable life of the cable up to 40 years. These products address a primary utility industry infrastructure problem at a fraction of the cost of existing methods. (