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Engineering Internship Program Celebrates 10th Year

November 2, 2017

Novinium, provider of electrical cable rejuvenation for power utilities, is celebrating its 10th year of offering a comprehensive, engineering internship program for university students at its headquarters in the Seattle region.  The program is designed to give university students entering their junior or senior year, in pursuit of a degree in mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering, a chance to demonstrate their motivation and professional readiness to join a world-class engineering team.

Novinium engineering internship program interns

“My experience at Novinium was amazing,” says Kira Murillo. “I was very nervous coming in, especially since I was coming in right out of high school, but everyone at the company was so friendly and helpful.  At Novinium, I was creating my own experiments and writing formal lab reports for it. This internship taught me independence as well as teamwork in a work environment.”

Past success has encouraged Novinium to expand the opportunity to graduating high-school student poised to enter college in the fall in pursuit of a degree in engineering.  “There were many unknowns with starting this brand-new, high-school program,” said James Steele, engineering manager at Novinium.  “We engaged local high school career counselors early and were blown away by the caliber of local high-school talent that applied!  This year we welcomed Kira Murillo to our engineering team, a graduate of Liberty High School in Renton, Washington, who enters the University of Washington’s mechanical engineering program with sophomore standing thanks to her participation in Bellevue College’s running start program.”

Steele further noted “Our interns have played an integral role in achieving project milestones and hitting our timelines.”  This summer Novinium also welcomed Garret Berkey from Seattle Pacific University and Chris Pinto from the University of Portland.

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