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Novinium News, December 2016: “The Parable of the Three Bricklayers”

January 4, 2017
Glen Bertini, CEO, Novinium

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There were three bricklayers just beginning a new project together. When each was asked individually what they were doing, they gave three very different answers. The first bricklayer gruffly replied that he was laying bricks. The second revealed that he was building a church. The third bricklayer proclaimed he was building the house of God! The first bricklayer had a job; the second bricklayer had a career; the third had a calling.

A wall is built one brick at a time; a company’s culture is built one soul at a time.

I have a calling

I cannot speak for all of my 330+ Novinium colleagues, but I know that many share my calling. I am determined to change the way the electrical distribution industry does business in two fundamental ways.

Way 1

I think everyone who reads this page each month knows Novinium’s primary value proposition: For a fraction of the capital required to replace cable, we provide reliability as-good-as-new-cable or better-than-new-cable. The savings allow our customers to address more cable, more quickly, improving reliability at a faster pace. By recycling cable in the ground, we preserve scarce world resources.

☑ Cheaper
☑ Faster
☑ Better
☑ Earth Friendly

We check all the boxes. We could stop here—many firms would. But my second calling—our second calling—is even more important. We are going to profoundly change the safety of the entire industry.

Way 2

We aspire to save human life. We aspire to save the lives of qualified lineworkers who deal with medium voltage underground power. We will start with our own lives, but we will soon be teaching others how to be like us. Our model will be copied by others. We welcome this; our impact is multiplied; our calling is amplified. In previous editions of the Novinium News we have discussed some of key arenas where Novinium leads the industry in safety thinking and processes. The Novinium Safety Council (NSC) – run entirely by field employees with 100% of the rule making authority.

The NoBS Steering Committee – run entirely by volunteers, guides us to adopt safe behaviors.

Technology Enabled Safety (TES) – Using the latest computer technology to enhance field safety. For example, we are the first and only firm to use “As isolated” photographs to provide real-time documentation of proper electrical isolation.

There are still more innovations to come.

Do you share my calling? For those of you who do, accept my sincere thanks, take comfort in the understanding that you are helping others, and stop reading here. Below, I address those who do not feel the same calling …

There is nothing wrong with the bricklayer who has a job and does an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage. There is nothing wrong if you think a job at Novinium is a career – an opportunity to advance your own skills and knowledge. I write to you as 2017 dawns to consider joining me and many, many other Novinium employees who share a calling. Yes, you will continue to receive a paycheck. Yes, you will continue to be given opportunities to learn and grow. What may surprise you is how much more fulfilling your job will become when you embrace the opportunity to serve others, others within Novinium and others in our industry. Imagine the impact of 330+ individuals who share the same calling. To tangibly start, embrace NoBS and pledge yourself to our Ten Commitments. Join our calling. Be safe. Be kind. Be masterful.