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Novinium News: January 2017

February 6, 2017

Better Next Year

Glen Bertini, CEO, Novinium
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When you buy something it starts to depreciate. A car will be less reliable next year than it is now. If one of our customers installs a new cable this year, it will be less reliable next year, and even less reliable the following year. We all recognize this phenomenon as the aging process. The black line in the graph below is the post-installation failure rate for new cables installed at a U.S. Southwestern utility between 1969 and 2005.* In general, and as expected, failures increase as the years since installation increase.

With exceptions perhaps of fine wines and great art, what product can one buy that gets better year after year? Cablecure® rejuvenation! Unlike newly installed cables, once an old cable is rejuvenated its reliability gets better next year. The aging of all things is written into an inviolable scientific law. It’s called the “second law of thermodynamics.” Are we breaking the second law? It sure seems like it, but our secret is not alchemy; it’s good old fashioned chemistry. We use time-release technology to deliver Cablecure fluid to aging cable insulation over decades.

We are familiar with the idea of time-released drugs. The longest time-release medical application is a 4 year implantable birth control device. The device is a plastic tube filled with a hormone that slowly diffuses through the wall of the tube. To get more than 4 years the tube would require a larger reservoir and a thicker tube.

That’s just what a cable represents. The empty volume of the twisted strands together with the ample volume afforded by the carbon-black filled conductor shield provide the Cablecure fluid an ample reservoir. The plastic tube is the very insulation we seek to rejuvenate and it’s considerably thicker than the medical device.

A careful study of the graph on page 1 demonstrates that new cables get less reliable as they age, while treated cables get more reliable. Both enjoy short term reliability, but in less than a decade, new cable starts to deteriorate while rejuvenated cables continue to improve in reliability for at least two decades. In 2017 we will be publishing several papers exploring this data more closely and explaining precisely why Cablecure is Better Next Year.