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Novinium News, October 2017: “The Novinium Soul”

November 1, 2017


The Novinium Soul

Glen Bertini, CEO, Novinium

Novinium News

October 2017

Can an institution have a soul? A conscious? My own immediate response to those questions is “no,” people have souls – institutions do not. Novinium has charter documents, articles of incorporation, by-laws, and an investor rights agreement. You can read all of these and you will find no evidence of a soul. There is evidence elsewhere, but soul searching is not a trivial undertaking.

The simplest place to start is to examine the 380 souls who are Novinium employees, stockholders and board members. Is the Novinium soul simply the sum of those 380? I think not.

Do our three affirmations help us focus on the Novinium soul? Do “be safe,” “be kind,” and “be masterful” point us in the proper direction to sense the Novinium soul? I believe the answer is “yes.” A soul is a fragile thing. We each struggle to define and protect our own individual soul – that’s no easy task. If we can align our 380 souls, can they amplify each other so that our collection of souls is greater than the sum? I think the answer is “yes.”

Aligning 380 people to a shared purpose is not a simple task, but it is required to crystalize a Novinium soul. I have previously written on these pages of our aspiration to set a new standard for safety in the underground medium voltage electrical world where we operate. Some might think that reaching that pinnacle and spreading our best practices to the rest of industry would be enough.

I think that would be a great accomplishment, but could we amplify that accomplishment and spread our messages of safety, kindness, and mastery more effectively? I believe we can. I want to share an idea and ask for your help to spread the word. You may be able to catch a glimpse of the Novinium soul.

What I will share with you now is a new initiative and this new initiative needs a name. As a placeholder, I will call it the Lineman Safety Foundation or LSF. I will solicit your ideas for a better name later, but for now let me tell you what the LSF will become.

The LSF will be a 501(c)(3) organiza- tion which is IRS-speak for a non-profit charity. Novinium will donate cash, effort, and in-kind contributions to the LSF. Novinium will encourage its em- ployees, shareholders, customers, and the public to donate to the LSF. All such donations are tax deductible. The LSF mission will align directly with Novinium’s three affirmations. The LSF will promote safety and mastery in the electrical craft field and we will do this, not because we accrue a direct benefit, but because we are kind and wish the best for all our brothers and sisters in the industry.

What will the LSF do?

We envision the LSF providing two kinds of help:

  • Funding scholarships at lineman colleges. Such scholarships will be awarded by a board, independent of Novinium. Scholarships will be based on merit and need.
  • The LSF will provide capital, equipment, and in-kind services to build training facilities, particularly facilities that cater to the safe operations of underground medium voltage circuits.

Even if we did not found the LSF, Novinium will save lives in our industry as others copy the best practices we are continually developing. The LSF, however, will provide a platform from which we can spread our safety expertise and our kindness more broadly and more quickly.

Novinium has two purposes: (1) Keep the lights on with the utmost capital efficiency, and (2) improve the safety of the entire electric distribution industry. The purpose of the LSF is to save human lives and help individuals enter the line field. Those shared purposes are in sympathetic alignment.

The Lineman Safety Foundation or LSF is not a very inspired name. Please share your ideas for an inspiring name with me on:

Twitter @GlenBertini | Chatter @Glen Bertini | LinkedIn @ Glen Bertini

The foundation is expected to begin early next year.

Be safe.

Be kind.

Be masterful.


The Novinium Soul

Two souls align

Kindness is reflected in smiles. The ultimate act of kindness is looking to the safety of another. Mastery requires no introduction.