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Novinium Receives a US Patent for its N-Ter Injection Process

December 20, 2013

Auburn, Washington, USA — December 20, 2013 — Novinium was awarded US patent number 8,572,842, titled “Method for Thermally Enhancing Injection of Power Cables,” covering its N-Ter™ injection process.

The patent for N-Ter, which stands for Novinium-Thermally Enhanced Rejuvenation, was jointly awarded to Norm Keitges, Novinium’s technical services manager, and Glen Bertini, Novinium’s president and chief executive officer. Underground cable rejuvenation involves injecting a fluid directly into the stranded conductor region of the cable. The N-Ter process applies a low-voltage, direct current to warm underground cables to 40°C. Slightly warming the cable conductor creates more space between the cable strands, thereby increasing the volume available for the
rejuvenating fluid.

The process shortens the time required to rejuvenate cable by lowering the viscosity of the injection fluid, thus making it easier for the fluid to flow along the length of the cable. When fluid passes through the cable more quickly, the injection time is reduced. A shorter injection time is especially helpful on longer runs of 7-strand cable and on cables with compact strands. The N-Ter injection process can be 50 percent quicker than older, firstgeneration cable-injection methods.

The N-Ter process also allows approximately 30 percent more fluid to be injected into cables. This minimizes cable-to-cable variability and further increases reliability. The patent is the first for co-inventor Norm Keitges. “This patent was a direct result of Norm’s significant cable-injection experience. Norm saw a need and worked closely with Glen to create and refine the process,” said Research & Engineering Manager Richard Varjian, PhD.

Glen Bertini said, “This patent speaks directly to Norm’s adoption of Novinium’s culture of continuous improvement and innovation. The United States Small Business Administration has a report that shows small, innovative firms like Novinium outperform their larger counterparts 13 to 1 in terms of patents per employee. That’s certainly true for Novinium. This is our second patent this year and our 15th patent overall.”