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Novinium receives eleventh patent on submarine cable injection technology

August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011 – Novinium, Inc. has been awarded its eleventh patent. U.S. patent number 7,976,747 entitled, “Method for restoring power cables” was issued on July 12, 2011. Glen Bertini, CEO and inventor observed, “Novinium® continues to advance the state-of-theart in cable rejuvenation technology. The rejuvenation industry pioneered by Novinium founders has saved over one billion U.S. dollars of capital since the technology was first introduced over two decades ago.”

This latest addition to Novinium’s portfolio of patented technology is a method for injecting water scavenging treatment fluid into extremely long runs of cable. Underwater cables crossing rivers, lakes, or the seabed, referred to within the industry as submarine cables, are the main application. Earlier attempts to treat longer cable runs by other firms sometimes failed because traditional fluids increase in viscosity or thickness with time. When injection times exceeded a week or two, the fluid is prone to stall and the cable is left only partially treated. Analogous to a chain that fails at its weakest link, a partially treated cable does not provide the desired reliability. Novinium’s new technology solves this problem by scavenging water within the cable to such low values that the problematic viscosity increase is delayed until the treatment fluid is injected along the entire cable length. This process can take many months to complete, but the cable can be energized during the upgrading process, except for just a few hours to install patented injection hardware before the injection begins.

Replacing submarine cables is a highly capital intensive operation. Novinium can extend the life of almost any cable for decades at a very small fraction of the replacement capital.

Novinium was founded in 2003 in the Seattle area and provides cable rejuvenation products and services to circuit owners and their service suppliers in the United States, Canada, and around the world. Our primary products are novel fluids, methods, and tools to inject underground cable. The injection process rejuvenates and extends the reliable life of underground power cable up to 40 years. Novinium’s products address circuit owners’ infrastructure problems at a fraction of the cost of existing methods, save energy, save natural resources, and reduce greenhouse gases by eliminating the need for additional production of aluminum and polymers for new cables.