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Novinium Rejuvenates Enbridge Energy Partners’ Feeder Cables

March 10, 2015

Auburn, Washington, USA—March 10, 2015—Novinium®, the global leader in the cable-rejuvenation industry, has successfully rejuvenated 12 critical feeder cables to as-new condition at the Enbridge Energy pumping station in Saxon, Wisconsin. The Novinium team ensured that the work was completed within a strict maintenance window without the complications of a replacement program and at a substantial cost saving to Enbridge.

Enbridge selected Novinium for a trial project to address the cables that feed electricity to their Saxon pumping station. Novinium offered its industry-leading quality craftsmanship, sensitivity to operational time frames, and significant economic value over replacement.

“All 12 cables had to be inspected, tested, injected, and have new terminations installed within the 30- hour window,” explains Norm Keitges, Technical Services Manager at Novinium. “Novinium has experience working with tight deadlines and so we were able to complete the entire project in 24 hours.”

The craft team worked in shifts and in a challenging environment to rejuvenate 4,800 feet of cable in strict compliance with Enbridge’s safety and environmental procedures. The Novinium team treated the 12 cables with Ultrinium® 732 fluid using their patented Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) injection process. This process fills the spaces between the cable strands with Ultrinium fluid. The fluid migrates into the conductor shield and insulation to dry and modify the chemistry of the insulation and the physics of the cable itself so that the cable is more resistant to air, water, heat, and ultraviolet light.